Caffe’ Amici

Last week was our 2 year marriage anniversary, and my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out. We went to an Italian restaurant here in Columbus called Caffe’ Amici, as we had heard great things and the prices weren’t insanely extravagant. The menu is perfectly sized to offer a wide variety without being overwhelming or repetetive.

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Market Days

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I looked all over the place trying to find a simple trench coat. Who would have thought I’d find one for just $10 at a thrift mall? This gorgeous vintage London Fog trench probably dates somewhere in the 80’s. There was another one in the same booth that I may snag if it’s still there when I go back. The one I’m wearing came with a removable insert, which I took out for the day.

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Uptown Chili Thai

Joe and I have lived in Columbus for almost 2 years now and we’ve noticed that we get into a rut with restaurants. There are so many restaurants here but we almost always end up visiting the same places. I suppose it has something to do with comfort zones and, in part, laziness. We have recently been trying to branch out for lunches on our out-of-house excursions, and happened across this restaurant called Uptown Chili Thai, which was just one street over from he main shopping strip in the Uptown area. I’d heard about it before but never thought much about trying it because it wasn’t ever in our direct line of sight when we were in the area.

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