The More It Takes Away

Sometimes when I have a hard time finding words to express the jumble of emotions and thoughts rolling around in my head, I am able to find the simplest poem, quote, or combination of words to aid me. The above poem by Lang Leav is likely meant to be read in a romantic sense, however it’s different in my situation. It’s not a person who changed, who is changing… but a place.

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The Thing About Anxiety…

Hey everyone! Today we have a guest post written by Heidi Scheuermann of Wandering Thespian. As someone who lives with anxiety, I find this to be very insightful and well thought out. Please enjoy!

I’ve lived a pretty great life so far. I had the good fortune of growing up with parents who are still together – a rarity these days. I have a brother and sister who I actually get along with. I’ve traveled quite a bit more than most people I know. I have an amazingly wonderful and supportive group of friends. Since I’ve been able to drive, I’ve always had a car to get myself around in. I attended private school, and then went on to get both an undergraduate and graduate degree. I never really struggled to learn, and I’ve always been able to keep a job. I have it good. Heck, I have it GREAT. But the thing is, I have anxiety.

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