Gain Botanicals Plant Based Detergent

I recently signed up for another awesome influencer marketing site called BzzAgent, and this is my first campaign! (Technically this blog isn’t a required task for my campaign, but I love trying new things and sharing my experiences with you all. ) I want to disclaim that while I received this product free to test and review, it’s always vitally important to be fully honest in my reviews. All things expressed here are 100% my own thoughts and opinions.

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Product Review // Color Street Nail Polish Strips

I was recently sent a set of Color Street Nail Strips & an accent nail sample by my friend Rosy at Radiantly Rosy (you’ll recognize her from the Six Blogger Style series we’ve been doing together!) I’ve used nail strips from other brands in the past but was usually less than impressed between time and effort to apply & also durability. I’ve been pleased with Color Street’s products.

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Product Reviews // LimeLight by Alcone Skincare

I was recently sent samples of some of LimeLight by Alcone’s skincare line by the lovely Jayne of to try out. Now lately I’ve heard a lot of great things about LimeLight, so I was excited to get to try some of their product for myself!

Jayne sent me a 3-Day supply of LimeLight’s Skin Polish, Calm Balm, and Dream Clean, as well as a catalog of their

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Product Review // Kat von D Saint & Sinner VoxBox from Influenster

Guys. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to get into this campaign from Influenster. I get to try BOTH of Kat Von D’s revived fragrances for FREE!! Since these are mini bottles for sample purposes, they don’t include the full design of the bottles, which are gorgeous.  Kat von D sketched the design herself, and it’s said that she designed the full sized bottles to resemble a human heart when held in your hand. Creepy and macabre? Yes. Awesome and gorgeous? Also, yes.

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Product Reviews // #BreezyVoxBox from Influenster

I recently received an amazing box of goodies FREE to test and review from an awesome site called Influenster. I’ve received many boxes from them before and I always love getting to test out new products! You can sign up HERE to start getting your own boxes to test & review!
This box is called the Breezy VoxBox, and included products from Origins, Nair, Sour Punch Candy, Profoot, and Head & Shoulders. Let’s get into the reviews shall we?

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Product Review // Sol Theory Sunglasses

I was recently approached by a company called Sol Theory about being one of their influencers. Sol Theory offers a monthly subscription in different varieties all based around cool, trendy sunglasses.

I would never want to promote a company I hadn’t tried myself, especially since honesty and integrity are of huge importance to me. So I ordered their Hers Single Pair box for myself to get a feel for the company and products.

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