How I Save Money (With Minimal Effort)

I have a confession to make. I, your resident blogger here, am a Serial Clearance Shopper.

That's right. Odds are, my first (and usually only) stop when I shop is straight for the clearance racks. Unless there's something specific I need, but even then I always check the clearance racks before I even glance towards the full-priced sections. I get a thrill from saving money. I don't have this desire for the newest, trendiest things, and if I do want something new I will usually try to DIY it before I spend an absurd amount of money on something material.

In my years of thriftiness, I have found a pretty good collection of ways to save money, or earn points towards gift cards (all of which I have personally had success with!) Most of these require very little effort, and don't really make you have to change any of your usual habits in order to use them.

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