Blu Crabs // Columbus, GA

Coming from a small town on the coast of South Carolina and being raised in fresh, local seafood, Joe and I tend to be really picky and particular about our seafood. (Don’t even get us started on Red Lobster). So now that we are about 4 hours away from the coast, we have had a really hard time finding fresh seafood that tastes the way we enjoy. That being said, I am SO glad we stumbled upon Blu Crabs!

We weren’t even planning to go in, we were just passing by on our way to one of our favorite local pizza spots. I stopped to look at the specials board outside Blu Crabs and had pulled my phone out to try to find their full lunch menu when I noticed one of the waitresses beckoning me inside through the large, airy front windows. She and the hostess were very kind and gave us the lunch and dinner menus to look at, and we decided to give it a shot since we were right there.

The Lunch Menu

I ended up ordering the Jumbo Crab Cake, which came with a pesto aioli and a chili sauce. Joe decided on the Blu Sandwich of the Day, which ended up being a fried cod sandwich. I was so hungry I completely forgot to get a photo of Joe’s sandwich, and nearly forgot to take a picture of my crab cake!

The crab cake reminded me so much of my hometown that it seriously brought a tear to my eye. The crab was moist and tender and fresh, and the chili sauce was the perfect companion to the dish. Though I didn’t get a picture of Joe’s sandwich, he was extremely pleased. To paint you a picture: we both basically licked our plates clean.

And our total for lunch only came to $26! The prices are more than reasonable. We are used to paying twice that for seafood that isn’t nearly as good around here, whereas this is just like a slice of home, and at the price we would pay back home. This may very well be one of our favorite new restaurants to go back to on a regular basis!

Final Thoughts

I know this post is shorter than usual, but I was so wrapped up in the deliciousness of the food that I forgot to get photos of the inside of the restaurant itself! But believe me, the inside is so lovely and open. I 100% recommend a meal here!



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    1. We are hours away from the coasts too! That’s why I was so excited to find this place! They get really fresh ingredients in and it shows. It seems “local” too, not imported from far away.

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