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Hey all! As we head into spring, we decided to give our take on the classic pattern of stripes!Gabby (Hey, that’s me!)

A note: I’m going to apologize now for how off focus my pictures are. My camera is really old and has a mind of its own when it comes to focusing. I’m in the process of getting a new one though!

The weather in Georgia in insanely unpredictable. I wore this navy & white striped T-shirt dress for a late lunch/early dinner. It was warm when we walked into the restaurant but when we came out… dang! It was COLD!

As always, my favorite way to elevate a casual look is through great accessories! I got this bag from Red Dress Boutique a while back and it’s been a staple in my spring & summer wardrobe ever since. I was feeling all kinds of lazy so I had my hair up in a simple bun made Chic with a sleek bun cuff.

I also just got myself this gorgeous Torsade Necklace as a treat to myself for hitting my monthly goal in my Chloe + Isabel business for the first time last month! And it pairs so well with our newly-launched City of Light ring (that seriously looks like it could have come from a nobility estate sale, amirite?)

And as always, your resident Caffeine Queen always has a cup of coffee nearby

(even if I don’t always show it in photos.)

Dress // H&M

Shoes // Converse

Bag // Red Dress Boutique

Necklace // Signature Multi-Strand Torsade Necklace by Chloe + Isabel

Bracelet // Retro Glam Square-Cut Crystal Bracelet by Chloe + Isabel

Studs // Round Crystal Stud Earrings by Chloe + Isabel

Ring // City of Light Ring by Chloe + Isabel (psst! This ring is a part of a collection exclusively available to members of our free Passport Rewards program. You can sign up by clicking the banner HERE to have access to this amazing collection!)

Bun Cuff // Jen Atkin X Chloe + Isabel Bun Cuff in Matte Gold

Rachel (Duchess and Goose)

Rachel chose to wear her stripes in varies directions; horizontal on the top half of her dress and vertical on the bottom. The effect is very flattering, and the length of the sleeves of her dress is so beautiful. She has accessorized with touches of gold and tiger’s eye to give polish and luxury to her look!

Kelsi (By Grace Alone)

Like me, Kelsi chose a casual silhouette! Her striped dress features contrasting trim, and she wears it belted at the waist and with a cute-as-can-be fedora!

Chelsea (Rosy Point of View)

I don’t even need to say anything about Chelsea’s AH-MAZE-ING striped jacket!! My closet aches for something similar! And by pairing the graphic, black-and-white striped with simple jeans and vibrant fuschia loafers, Chelsea has created a look that makes a bold statement!

Jody (It’s Fantabulous)

Jody is bringing stripes in with a past Six Blogger Style challenge; Denim on Denim! Way to go tackling two top trends in one great, casual-chic staple look!

Jenna (Mrs. Teacher Chic)

Denim, thigh-high boots, and the cutest striped skirt ever? Um, YES! Jenna’s outfit is giving me some serious style inspiration. I love that her pop of color comes in subtly in her denim shirt!

That’s all for this month! Where will we go next? We’d love to hear your suggestions for themes!

Xoxo, Gabby

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