bareMinerals Made2Fit Foundation: From Digital App to Real-World Application

Disclaimer: The product  featured in this post (bareMinerals Made2Fit Foundation) was sent to me comlimentary to test and review  by Influenster and bareMinerals. As always, all thoughts and opinions of this product featured here and on related social media by me are 100% honest and my own. 

One of my favorite things about being a member of Influenster’s influencer network is the random “virtual VoxBox” campaigns that pop up once in a while. Usually there’s something that you have to do yourself, like download an app or go purchase a product, but sometimes you’ll get a coupon to do so. Still, when you’re in-between the actual physical VoxBox campaigns, these are fun activities. I recently qualified for one of these virtual VoxBoxes, and as always I love to share my experiences here even if it’s not a “requisite” or doesn’t earn me points to my badge. This time, it’s sponsored by bareMinerals and has to do with their new Made2Fit app that claims to be able to give you your perfect shade of foundation using your phone’s camera.

I was super skeptical, but I followed the super easy scanning process. It took 2 minutes tops, and the foundation blend that popped up on the screen actually looked fairly accurate for me!

Once I reviewed the app on the App Store as part of this special campaign, Influenster sent me a code to get my first bottle of my custom formula for free to test it out! I anxiously awaited the arrival of the foundation.

I liked the little touch of the bottle having my name printed on it. It may not be über important but it’s a nice touch and just makes it feel a little more customized and personal!

Before Foundation

This week my Skin was particularly rough looking. I was sick for about 2 weeks so my eating habits changed and I hadn’t kept up on my skincare routine. In this before picture, I have washed and toned my skin, applied moisturizer, then applied a light primer. Nothing else.

After Applying Made2Fit Foundation and Makeup

I was in a bit of a rush so my makeup isn’t “perfect” but the foundation definitely does its job! I didn’t use any concealer, so my dark circles are making a slight appearance.

The coverage is very nice without being heavy. I’ve run into problems in the past where my foundation will look fine until I see a photo… then I notice my face and neck are entirely different colors. I am surprised and pleased with the app’s accuracy to create a foundation shade that matches me!

Final Thoughts

This foundation wears well throughout a full, moderate temperature day. It does get super hot here, so time will tell how it holds up to hot, sweaty days. But for now I can say my experience has been amazing, and I would definitely recommend this app & foundation to anyone who has had trouble finding their perfect shade! The bottle is only $49, which is totally worth it for a custom match!

You can sign up for the Made2Fit app by downloading it and using my referral link. Once you make your first purchase, you and I will both get a $10 credit! How awesome is that? If this sounds like something you’d like to try, I say go for it!

Want to start getting your own opportunities to try products and services free just to give your opinion? You can sign up for Influenster using my referral link here and complete your profile to start getting matched with campaigns that fit you!



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  1. It looks great on you! I’ve heard of this, and I really like the idea because it’s hard to figure out your shade sometimes. I love the little touch of your name being on the bottle too.


    1. I don’t know if this is in Sephora, you have it custom matched and formulated for your skin tone and shipped to you! The app uses your phone’s camera to make the match for you… it’s truly a custom fit!

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