Metro Diner Columbus, GA Review

Disclaimer // This Post is sponsored by Metro Diner and Tilson PR. However, as always, all thoughts and views expressed here in this post and related social media posts by me are honest and my own. You can read more about my disclosure policy here. Huge thanks to Metro Diner and Tilson PR for sponsoring our meal for date night!

If the name “Metro Diner” sounds familiar, you may remember it from their feature on Guy Fieri’s hit show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The revival of Metro Diner has been open since 1992, with its original location thriving in Jacksonville, Florida. They have since branched out to other states and cities… and now their newest location is open here in Columbus, GA!

Joe and I actually noticed the advertising for Metro Diner at this location opening a month or so ago when we were at the Landings shopping center. We were curious about what it would be, but never gave it much thought. We figured we would check it out once it opened. Lo and behold I received a very exciting email that asked me to attend a dinner service with a guest and spread the word of Metro Diner’s opening in Columbus! We are so grateful to have had our date night sponsored by Metro Diner, and I look forward to sharing our thoughts on the food and dining experience with you!

The Service

Metro Diner was so busy that we honestly didn’t see much of our server… which was completely understandable! There was a constant queue full of people waiting to be seated! She was, however, knowledgeable and very kind. I heard her being very patient with an older gentleman at the table next to us who was having difficulty understanding the menu.

The Food

The day we went was only the third day this location of Metro Diner had been open, and it was still SLAMMED. So busy that they ran out of Chicken! I was planning to get the fried chicken sandwich, but instead ordered the Grilled Three Cheese with bacon. The cheese was super gooey, and the bacon was deliciously crispy! The fries were saltier than I usually like, but had great texture to them. I look forward to returning to try the fried chicken sandwich, though, because chicken is my all-time FAVORITE meal staple! I’ll admit I was disappointed to not be able to try that this time around, but I know it was just an overwhelming first week open!

Joe got this monstrosity called the Holy Davoli; a bacon cheeseburger with two grilled cheese sandwiches for buns. He described it as “a meal I want to eat right after I take a PT Test.” He was surprised by how good the burger itself was!

The Cost

Both of our meals, his sweet tea, and my water brought our total to just $24 and some change after tax. Talk about awesome right? We plan to go next to one of Metro Diner’s breakfast services because I saw a plate of waffles that was calling my name! Sure, they serve breakfast all day, but actually going out for breakfast sounds like a ton of fun!

Final Thoughts on Metro Diner

Especially considering:

1) it was within their first week being open

2) all their menu items are under $20, and

3) our food got to us in record time

I am very pleased with the experience. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was their lack of an appetizer menu. Although, when the food comes out as fast as it does, you don’t really need appetizers anyway. The dessert menu was also scarce, however this seems to be because they have a daily dessert that might change often. The only thing they had left was apple cobbler, which unfortunately isn’t something I’m too fond of.

It’s not somewhere that, health wise, I could or would eat at on a regular basis, but I can definitely see Metro Diner being something that really hits the spot for that so-bad-but-so-good craving that hits us all once in a while!

Huge thanks again to Metro Diner and Tilson PR for the delicious meal! Be sure to find Metro Diner on social media and give them a follow, because who knows where they’ll open their next restaurant? It could be near you!



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  1. YUM, this looks like the perfect casual date night when you need some comfort food because holy moly that three grilled cheese looks amazing!!

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