Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit Review

I’d like to disclaim that this post is not sponsored in any way by Dollar Shave Club. I simply decided to take advantage of a special promotion to give them a try and share my thoughts here on the blog. Like all my reviews, my views are my own. Everyone with a Dollar Shave Club account gets a referral link, and mine is at the bottom of the post.

When money is tight and you have two people who need razors on a daily basis in your household, it’s not exactly practical to spend $20 twice a month on good razors (or $8 once a month for shitty disposable ones). I remembered seeing ads and positive reviews for Dollar Shave Club, and when they had a discounted “starter kit” with no commitment, I figured it was worth a try. And as always, I love to share my experiences just in case there’s someone out there who could benefit from me sharing my thoughts!

The starter kit came very quickly once I ordered it, packaged in recyclable packaging and filler (which is a nice added touch.) It is all very simple, no frills, which I kind of like in light of the ridiculousness of the “pink tax” on products directly geared towards women.

The kit included some info about the company, a cute little “bathroom activity” book filled with crosswords and games for when you’re on a bathroom trip (I guess you could say they included it…. for shits and giggles…. huh? Anyone? Bueller?)

The starter kit also came with little mini tubes of Dr. Carver’s Prep Scrub, Shave Butter, and Post Shave Dew. These I set aside for Joe to use across multiple facial shaves, rather than me using these all up in one leg shave use.

Let’s get talking about these razors. (Don’t mind the purple nail polish, we ordered an extra razor handle so we could each have our own, so I painted the top of mine with purple nail polish to tell them apart.) I’d heard such amazing things but considering the price point I was very skeptical. I inspected the razors upon opening and counted SIX blades per cartridge. SIX. I’m used to a maximum of three because razors are crazy expensive at the store. I was already moved by the luxury of having twice the number of blades as normal.

The razor handle itself deserves some kudos. It’s heavy duty, not cheap. It feels way better than most razor handles you can get at the store. Definitely worth it for us to get the extra one for me!

Joe put these razors to the test on facial hair, especially since he skipped shaving his entire Holiday Block Leave to give his face a break. He hates that he has to shave but it’s part of the job. He said that the set of 3 shaving aids (the prep scrub, shave butter, and post-shave dew) made it much easier than regular shaving cream to get a close shave, and his skin didn’t feel nearly as irritated after using these in conjunction with the new razors.

The 4 razors we received lasted us FOREVER. We got our next month’s shipment of 4 razor cartridges with one razor left… I was still using the first one, and my husband only changed his once (that’s with him shaving daily!) Needless to say, I’m thoroughly impressed with Dollar Shave Club, and reccomend them to absolutely everyone! I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of this amazing company. It’s really one less thing to forget when you go to the grocery store because it ships directly to you!

Sound like something you’re interested in?

You can sign up for Dollar Shave Club using my referral link HERE. Each person who signs up with my link will earn me $5 credit, which I’d love to use to purchase other products from the site to try and review here on my blog! Let me know in the comments if there’s any products you think sound interesting!



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