23 Things To Do Before I Turn 24

I have a big problem with the idea of New Years Resolutions. I find that I see many people who make these blanket statements. It’s like how people ask you how you are because they feel like you’re supposed to but not because they actually want to know. The whole “I resolve to be healthier/exercise more/be more charitible” fad is just there to look like you’re gearing up for productivity. Now I’ve also seen many people make more specific resolutions, and they usually all work for those goals. I’m not trying to crap on anyone’s buzz, I just prefer more tangible goals.

My birthday is today, the 4th day of the year, so I know some people would probably consider this to be a “resolution” idea but it’s a lot more specific and custom to me. I’m making specific, tangible goals geared towards enriching my life. I’ve seen others make similar lists and I loved how they were able to reference specific things they wanted and work towards them. So here is my own list of 23 things to do before I turn 24!

1. Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge (in 30 Days)

I’ve been wanting to start practicing yoga as a form of low-impact exercise for my body and also to help keep my anxiety under control. I don’t know if I’ll ever become one of those people that lives and breathes yoga, but I enjoyed it when I did it. There’s a 30-day beginners yoga challenge I found on YouTube that I will set aside the time for every day for one month to get me started.

2. Learn to Make French Macarons

Again, this is something I’ve wanted to learn for a while. I love eating macarons and have even dreamt up my own flavor combos to try, but I need to get the basics down first!

3. Get A Tattoo

Ok, so this one is one that I’m not 100% I’ll be able to work up to courage to do. I’ve been back and forth for years about it and I’m still on the fence. But making it a goal may just put the seed into my mind to get out of my own way and just do the thing.

4. Graduate College with a Bachelor’s Degree

Okay, so this one is kinda cheating because I’m literally only two classes away from finishing, but my graduation ceremony won’t be until the end of the quarter after I complete my classes. It’s been a long road getting my degree, and I’m so close to the end I can almost touch it already. Just two more classes. I can feel mental breakdowns coming these next couple of months. Wish me good vibes and positive energy, everyone. I desperately need it!

5. Guest Post on Another Blog

I have hosted a few guest bloggers here on Gift of Gabby (and I hope to continue to do so!) but I’ve yet to guest post on someone else’s blog. I’d love to find someone whose style I can vibe with and share something useful or entertaining!

6. Entertain Guests in our Home

Living on a military base is really tough, especially since every time we make friends, they PCS, get out of the service, or deploy. I want to make it a point to try and entertain guests in our home and try to make more friends. Whether it be for board games or D&D or just a potluck dinner, I think it would be nice to try and find new people to include in our lives.

7. Take a Painting Class

I remember loving to paint in my art classes, but we never really learned proper technique or made anything substantial. I know there are a few “painting with a twist” businesses in the area that offer painting party options that I think would be fun for Joe and I to do together!

8. Take the Walking Dead Tour in Senoia, GA

This one we definitely should try before it gets hot again! Senoia, Georgia has been the host of many film sets and locations, including being the location of Alexandria in The Walking Dead! They do walking tours of the film locations, which Joe and I both want to do.

9. Buy Less Retail, More Secondhand/Thrift

Personally I love getting items secondhand. It’s cheaper, and honestly it’s easy to find really unique items! This includes clothes as well as home items.

10. Reach the $10K in Lifetime Sales milestone with my Chloe + Isabel business!

I start this challenge already having made my first $1.5K in sales since I started at the end of August, but already being nearly 1/5 of the way there is encouraging. I didn’t know how amazing each sale and each enthusiastic customer would mean to me. I already knew I love Chloe + Isabel and the jewelry but being able to provide a high quality product alongside my own customer service and to help others find jewelry to enhance their beauty and personalities… it’s not what I ever envisioned doing but I wouldn’t change a thing already. $10K in sales is the first of many benchmark goals, and it’s something that I know I can do if I continue to put the work into it!

11. Have my photography published (in print or online) at an accredited source

Having other bloggers or Facebook pages feature your work is one thing, but as a photographer, having a photo you took published in a newspaper or industry magazine is something else entirely. I aim to enter a few competitions and submit my work to a few places!

12. Make One Meal a Week Vegan/Meatless (52 meals in one year)

Ok, so this one hurts my soul a little but I have got to get more veggies into my diet. I figure I can try vegan/meatless meals and maybe find some I like enough to eat more often to fill this void. I don’t think I’ll ever go full vegan, I definitely enjoy fish and chicken way too much, but I can see lots of benefits for substituting a few meals for meatless options here and there:

13. Have more photos of our family taken (even if it’s self portraits I take myself)

BE PRESENT IN YOUR PHOTOS. I refuse to be someone who doesn’t practice what she preaches. I want to have more photos of our family and ourselves. I want to document our lives. I want to exist in photos for our future children.

14. Print More Photos as Albums/Photobooks

We only have so much space to display photos, so I want to be more intentional about making photo albums and books so we can have physical copies of our memories. I may make a few through Chatbooks or Shutterfly, and maybe try out Zno as well.

15. Read 52 new books

I used to read so much that I’m pretty sure I must have read through every book in the school library. Every so often my reading drops off the radar again but I’m always so happy to bring it back!

16. Create an Awesome Cosplay and Wear to a Convention (or some other Nerdy Event)

Cosplay looks like SO. MUCH. FUN. Granted, it’s a lot of work, especially if you want to go for accuracy. I want to try a few more simple ones to start, and actually wear it out sometime other than Halloween. Columbus usually has a few comic conventions a year, and 2nd & Charles is always doing some kind of fun event where costumes are welcome!

17. Grow my blog to 1K monthly views

This is definitely a small goal in the grand scheme of the blogosphere, but I’m not necessarily looking to be World’s Best Blogger ©️. I’d just really like to see my blog grow, especially when I can hope to have more people interacting and having conversations via my comments and pinning my posts! I love to know that I’m creating content that helps or enriches people’s lives somehow.

18. Learn to Drive and Get My Drivers License

Shit happens, and some people just never learn to drive. I’m one of those people and it bothers me to no end that I don’t know how. I’m nervous about learning at age 23, especially since my anxiety has gotten worse since I’ve been 21, but it’s something I definitely just have to do for myself.

19. Register to Vote in our New State

Again, something I should have done years ago but just didn’t. It’s high time, especially as I’ve become much more politically aware and I’d like to at least put my input in whether my singular vote “matters” or not.

20. Teach Myself to Knit and/or Crochet

I’ve been wanting to learn for years! Since we are planning to move somewhere with cooler falls and colder winters, it would sure come in handy to be able to make our own scarves, hats, and blankets. Plus, I’m entirely on board with the entire idea of hygge and Scandinavian home decor, which includes lots of cozy knit and crochet items!

21. Take a Pottery Class

This is something I would love for Joe and I to do together (No, not like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in ‘Ghost’) just as a way to create something interesting to decorate our home. My friend Autumn has been taking pottery and sculpting classes for college, and seeing her creations has inspired me to want to try my own hand at the art.

22. Travel More

And not just back to Beaufort. Even if it’s just venturing to new towns on a day trip from Columbus, I want to get out and experience more than just the base and our usual spots in town. Even though we’ve only been here two years (as opposed to the lifetime in Beaufort) it gets boring and tiring. Joe and I both long to get out and experience more, and we are always in a much better mood when we take just one day once in a while to head out to Opelika/Auburn.

23. Write More 

Actual physical writing, not just typing. So much of the personality of letters and handwriting has been lost with the influx of the digital age. I want to make it a point to hand-write more letters and holiday cards to friends and family. I also want to keep a journal, even if just to write in the way of a stream of consciousness to get thoughts down on paper. It will also be a great chance to curate my handwriting.

So there you have it. My 23 goals to achieve by the time I turn 24 on this exact day next year. They say there’s more accountability when you’ve placed your goals out into the world and had others acknowledge them. What are your goals for this next year? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!



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  1. I really love your list of things to do. Yoga With Adriene is a great channel on YouTube. She does new 30 day challenges all the time! Best of luck on your goals <3

  2. Gabby, I love your blogging site. I wish you much success on your goals for your next birthday. This year I want to travel even more thsn we already do. BTW…we have been to Beaufort and are so fond of this town. I tried crocheting and could not get the hang of it. I have taken two paint classes and enjoyed it. And I, too, want to have someone notice, I mean really notice my photos. In addition, I am trying to get healthier, exercise more, be kinder to others, and get better with my camera. Best of luck on your 23 goals! Happy Belated Birthday! 🎁

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