It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

For me, Christmas has always been a blanket term for the holiday season. I’ve always been aware that there are more holidays with a much longer history than Christmas, so it’s always been a bit of a no-brainer to me, as someone with no real subscription to any religion, to just soak up the wonder of the holidays.

Joe isn’t Christian; he celebrates Yule, but we still call it a “Christmas Tree” and go to see “Christmas Lights” and so on. For us, it’s less about the christian connotation of the word and more about the general feeling of wintery celebration.

Every year, an organization called Trees for Troops donates thousands of trees to military families. They set up with hundreds of them on base here, and it’s where we have gotten our trees the past two Christmases. I know lots of people tend to get caught up in the grandeur of having a huge tree all decked out in tinsel, lights, and more ornaments than it seems should even be able to fit. For us, simply having a tree is enough. Ours have been just 5-6 foot trees and especially considering we haven’t had to pay, they’ve been lovely. Ours is seated a bit crookedly into our tree stand, but part of me likes it that way. It’s like a small reminder to myself that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be filled with joy and beauty.

Toby is completely infatuated with the tree, especially when the lights are on. He’s not bad with it at all… he just really loves to sleep underneath it! We aren’t in our house for the actual Christmas holiday, but we still wanted to have that holiday cheer in the house while we were there. Our ornament collection is small, most of them being ones I was gifted by my aunt Silly every year. We hope to add a little to our collection every year, including buying a really nice one from Beaufort while we are there visiting. We are leaving today for some much-needed time in our hometown.

What all does everyone else have planned for the holidays? Who is traveling? Staying home?

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