Gain Botanicals Plant Based Detergent

I recently signed up for another awesome influencer marketing site called BzzAgent, and this is my first campaign! (Technically this blog isn’t a required task for my campaign, but I love trying new things and sharing my experiences with you all. ) I want to disclaim that while I received this product free to test and review, it’s always vitally important to be fully honest in my reviews. All things expressed here are 100% my own thoughts and opinions.

I received this 40 fl oz bottle of Gain Botanicals Plant Based Detergent for free thanks to BzzAgent, and I’m in love with the scent! The one I was sent is Orange Blossom Vanilla, and anyone who knows me knows that I’m a downright sucker for Vanilla scents!

Let me get right down into the nitty gritty on this, namely my husband’s ACU’s. They are always out in the training field for hours upon hours so these uniforms STINK. Like no matter what I do, no matter how long I do the tried-and-true soak in vinegar water, they just plain stink. I did one load of all his uniforms with half a cap of the Gain Botanicals Detergent and it was like a miracle. I was in complete shock. I usually can still smell the faint smell of sweat when I open the lid of the washer at the end of the load. I put one of the clean ones right up to my nose and breathed in deep and all I could smell was oranges. I even took the liberty of being a gross human being and specifically sniffed the armpit area because I just couldn’t believe it. Fresh citrus all the way.

Let’s do a little further examination.

The back of the bottle boasts of being free from dyes, phosphates, and optical brightened; it also claims to be made of 65% plant based ingredients and be gentle on skin. I’m not going to pretend to be super knowledgeable on how chemicals work or how some chemicals are okay and others are just bad. But I’ve noticed cleaner and longer lasting scent and our clothes feel softer. I feel like my skin isn’t as itchy either, and since we’re in winter/peak-dry-Skin season, that’s surprising to me. I can’t for sure say it’s anything to do directly with this (I’m not running a science experiment here) but it’s something I’ve noticed since we started using this detergent.

This bottle lasted us about a month, as I use it up to the “3” bar for all our loads (I do large loads to save on water.) That was about 15 large loads for us, which was awesome. Everything from our clothes to our sheets and towels have been washed on this and have never smelled better.

I hope at some point you all decide to try out this detergent! We absolutely love it. Big thanks again to BzzAgent for sending over this wonderful product as my first BzzCampaign!

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