Thankful for Crescent Rolls

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones and good food.

Thanksgiving has always been a weird holiday for me. Especially since the past few years I’ve become increasingly aware of how things I have grown used to mean different things to different people; the fact that many Native American people treat Thanksgiving as a day of mourning is certainly something to make me stop and think. My feelings for the holiday are conflicted. I know that I am lucky and that great tragedy and pain has led to me being able to have the life I have today. It’s not that I feel less thankful, it’s that I feel the weight of the path that led us here more. If anything it makes me feel like I appreciate what I have more. It’s a hard subject to think about.

Since this year was our first Thanksgiving just to us, we decided to opt out of a turkey and bought two Cornish hens instead. Shorter cook time, good flavor, all around great. We still prepared the same as we would have a turkey, using my family’s famous stuffing recipe (it’s a secret, sorry!) and a poultry seasoning and avocado oil baste. We also made mashed potatoes, asparagus, roasted Mini white potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes with maple bacon, rainbow chard and beet greens and… well, let’s talk about the bread.

I was planning to make my adaptation of my mom’s sweet bread recipe (I substitute half the flour for whole wheat flour) but I did a really stupid thing and forgot to put the mixing paddle in the bottom of the bread machine before I started adding ingredients and baking. So instead of a beautiful loaf of bread, I baked this for 3 hours:

Yes, that is the egg. And the yeast. And sugar. All baked into a brick of ingredients that could probably take a man’s head off. I was really upset at first (some choice expletives were uttered, I’ll admit) but I can’t help but laugh at it now. The one time I’m not hovering over the bread machine to check on it and smell it baking the whole time, this happens. C’est la vie.

And so, I’d like to close this brief post with a list.

I’m thankful for my husband, my family, my education, my home…. and Pilsbury Crescent Rolls for saving our feast from being bread-less.



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