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I’m still getting used to this whole “style-blogger-taking-random-outfit-photos” thing. It’s part of the reason most of my outfit posts so far have been against the brick wall on the back of my house (surprise!) I’ve been trying to get better lately, keeping my tripod in the car and packing my camera every time we go out. Finding locations is hard, though, especially in the city. I look totally stiff and uncomfortable in these, but that’s because even though we were way off the busty road, cars still slowed down as they passed by as if they’d never seen a girl running back and forth from her camera every 10 seconds. I have my “easy” excuse prepared, you know the one that’s true just not the whole truth. (Telling someone that I’m a photography student who is practicing self portraiture is a lot easier for most to digest than “Hey, I’m a blogger and I take photos of myself wearing clothes!”)



Something you’ll come to learn with me is that I am a total sucker for weird, kooky prints. I found this H&M tank at Plato’s Closet for a couple of bucks and was instantly in love with the alligator print. Why? No clue, it just makes me happy. The belt I got from an Urban Outfitters on our Choir trip to Washington, D.C. my senior year. It’s sliiiightly too small for me now, but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it. The maxi skirt has a slit on each side, so it’s breezy and airy, perfect for battling the game of tag the weather lately has been playing with my emotions.


Tank // H&M (from Plato’s Closet)
Bralette // T.J. Maxx
Maxi Skirt // Forever 21, Similar
Sandals // Thrifted
Purse // Kate Spade New York (from T. J. Maxx)
Belt // Urban Outfitters
Necklace // Wild Earth Long Station Necklace by Chloe + Isabel
Garnet Ring // gifted
Gold & Opal Crystal Ring // Lunette Open Band Ring by Chloe + Isabel



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