Six Blogger Style: How to Style Mixed Patterns

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We’re here, we’re ambitious, we’re all mixing prints!


So far we’ve styled Floral Sundresses and Ankle Boots for you all. The vote this month was divided but we landed on the challenge of mixing prints. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while but this finally gives me an excuse to experiment and do something different.

Gabby (Hey, that’s me!)


I didn’t have as many good Fall patterns to mix together as I thought, so I figured I would go with some basics. I’m not sure where the fashion world stands on “camo” print, but I’ve had these jeans for years and I have barely ever worn them. I bought them on a total impulse from Venus a while back and I was pretty surprised to see that they actually still sell a very similar pair!



I thought the small striped tank would mix well, especially under my denim vest. I also loved how my leopard print scarf layered and how it offset the camo and stripes, especially with the weather finally cooling down enough to start my fall layering!


I kept it very casual with my Converse and my camel handbag. We went for coffee, lunch, and a trip through Aldi to stock our pantry for the next 2 weeks, so I didn’t want to go too overboard with it. I think it was a fun way to spice up casual staple pieces! I’ll definitely be intentionally mixing my patterns much more often!


Basic Striped Tank // H&M
Denim Vest // T.J. Maxx
Camo Print Cargo Skinny Jeans // Venus
Shoes // Converse
Scarf // H&M
Handbag // Charming Charlie
Earrings // La Lune Sculpted Tick Top Hoop Earrings by Chloe + Isabel
Ring // Amulet Statement Ring by Chloe + Isabel

Chelsea (Rosy Point of View)


I loved Chelsea’s outfit! I’m especially coveting her polka dot blazer. She also has some pictures adding a floral scarf into the mix with this outfit on her post, so be sure to check it out!

I recently have started to play with pattern mixing more, but still tend to play it safe. Today I decided to be a little bolder! I have this classic black and white buffalo plaid shirt from Talbots, so I felt like it was the perfect base to have fun with. I then tried pairing it with a few different options but I really love it with this floral scarf, that if you look closely pattern mixes all on its own! This scarf is a floral pattern on top of a black and white herringbone, so even if you are nervous about pattern mixing on your own you can have fun with this trend by finding pieces that do the hard part for you!

If you like the other look, it’s the same shirt mixed with a polka-dot bomber jacket… stripes and polka-dots are the ultimate go-to for beginner pattern mixing.

Oendrila (Just OD Things)

DSC_0126 copy_preview

Oendrila kept her pattern mixing super sleek and classy by pairing two black and white prints in which white was the dominant color. This looks like very monochromatic-inspired and I love it!

I play it safe when it comes to patterns. In this outfit, I have stayed with such a safe combination of black and white. The scarf-turned-shrug has tangram and geometric patterns in black on white. On the other hand, the pants have black strokes and splatters. The classic color combination is one of the main reasons this works. Besides, the solid white top has created space and kept the patterns from overlapping. Plus, the patterns themselves are quite different from each other, one being large systematic, and the unruly and small. 

Rosy (Radiantly Rosy)


Rosy’s pairing of big florals with a cute plaid flannel is super cute and fall-flirty! I wish it were cool enough here for me to break out my tall boots, I love the chocolate brown ones she is wearing!

Jody (It’s Fantabulous)

Oct 6 bloggers 1.1 (1 of 1)_preview

Jody’s outfit looks like the perfect outfit to go exploring a new city in! It’s effortless and chic! I’m also envious of that fishtail braid, I can never seem to get my hair to cooperate well enough to do that for me.

I tend to gravitate to casual outfits when trying something new, and pattern mixing for me is definitely new for me.  I decided to mix two of my favorite patterns, plaid and stripes, then added a pair of jogger pants to add to the casualness of the outfit.  I am glad that we chose to mix it up a bit this month as pattern mixing would not have been something I would have done on my own.  Thanks ladies! 

Lauren (Mothering Honestly)

Photo Oct 15, 12 42 10 PM_preview

Lauren’s outfit looks soooo comfy and cozy! I thought the leggings and cardigan paired really well together. Everyone should also go check out Lauren’s new baby gear shop online!

I honestly had no clue what I was going to wear for this challenge right up until it was time to go! I found these black and white printed leggings in the closet, and paired it with a black nursing top. I had this black and white long sweater and since I was already on the black and white theme, I paired it with black calf height boots. This was a harder challenge for me because of the different pattern theme. I am not used to doing this, so I felt a little out of place in it. Here’s to trying new things!

That’s all for this month! What would you like to see us style next? Sound off in the comments section!



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