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We’ve returned to hot weather here in Georgia, despite the blissful chilly snap we had for the past couple of days. I’ve already begun my Fall Transformation, though, and since it’s nearing Halloween I wanted to wear something a little “darker” than I’d usually choose. Even so, I just had to go with an iced coffee (because it’s hot and I’m weak.)


I sent my friend Adri a photo of this outfit worried it would be too “witchy” for a casual coffee date & walk in the park with the hubby, but I got the best kind of girl power validation in response. I edited the photos in a bit of a different style than I usually do, I wanted to give a bit more of a moody feel. I forgot my tripod when we went out today, and since I take all of my own outfit photos, I had to make do with signposts and tree stumps (hence the slightly more blurry images.)


I can’t wait until all the costume tights go on sale after Halloween this year. I can usually stock up on tights for super cheap after the holiday is over! And tights are such a great accessory for fall all the way through early spring.


Dress // Forever 21
Hat // H&M
Tights // H&M
Boots // J.C. Penney
Purse // Kate Spade New York (Purchased at T.J. Maxx)
Necklace // Atlas Convertable Statement Necklace by Chloe + Isabel

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