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When the Georgia heat lets up its relentless reign over the south for a day or two, you rejoice and take advantage of it. The high yesterday was a cool 75 degrees, and that wasn’t until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. That left most all day in the 50’s and 60’s. I gladly dredged a sweater out of the depths of my closet and leaped outside into the crisp air. (Can you tell I love fall?)


Joe had the day off so we went out to a local coffee shop called Wheely’s for the strongest coffee in town and spent most of the day strolling the downtown area. It was such a nice change to just be able to walk around enjoying the weather, the beautiful historic architecture of Columbus, and each other’s company without having to duck into a random shop every two minutes just to sneak in some A/C time. We’ve walked that strip so many times and yesterday I just notices so many details about the buildings and sidewalks that I had never noticed before.


Afterwards, we went to the new location of a local antique shop, where I picked up a few vinyl finds (Streisand and a Crosby Christmas record) for just under $10! Joe also found a great anvil/vice combo piece for a comparatively small $150 price tag that we put on layaway to pay off over the next couple paychecks. It’s really rare to find anvils around, and when you do find them they’re usually $400+. Most people grab them for yard art or rustic home decor pieces, so when Joe and I find one that he can actually use for its intended purpose, it’s really exciting for him.


Sweater // H&M
Leggings // LuLaRoe
Boots // J.C. Penney
Purse // Kate Spade New York (a la T.J. Maxx)
Necklace // African Plains Pendant Necklace by Chloe + Isabel
Bracelet // Amulet Hinged Bangle Bracelet by Chloe + Isabel
Cuff // Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Bun Cuff
Ring // Lunette Open Band Ring by Chloe + Isabel


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