Product Reviews // #BreezyVoxBox from Influenster

I recently received an amazing box of goodies FREE to test and review from an awesome site called Influenster. I’ve received many boxes from them before and I always love getting to test out new products! You can sign up HERE to start getting your own boxes to test & review!
This box is called the Breezy VoxBox, and included products from Origins, Nair, Sour Punch Candy, Profoot, and Head & Shoulders. Let’s get into the reviews shall we?

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Product Review // Sol Theory Sunglasses

I was recently approached by a company called Sol Theory about being one of their influencers. Sol Theory offers a monthly subscription in different varieties all based around cool, trendy sunglasses.

I would never want to promote a company I hadn’t tried myself, especially since honesty and integrity are of huge importance to me. So I ordered their Hers Single Pair box for myself to get a feel for the company and products.

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Military Wife Life


The United States military has been engrained in my life since day one. My father was in the Marine Corps for the first sixteen years of my life, we lived in a town that was home to Parris Island, the east coast’s Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Everywhere you looked there were either current military members or veterans within seeing distance. I wouldn’t even know how to function in a place where the military lifestyle wasn’t constantly present.

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I’ve Been Nominated for the Liebster Award!

I was recently nominated by Rashi Gupta over at Boundless Never Cries for the Liebster Award. This is a virtual award that is given by bloggers to other bloggers as a way to make connections and show support. I’m very honored that someone has shown interest in my newbie blog!

A huge thanks to Rashi for the award. It feels amazing to know that you took an interest in my blog, especially so early in my blogging journey! Everyone should go give her blog a read, she’s written some very empowering posts that make my feminist side cheer!

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