The Decision To Start A Blog


I’ve always been a careful person.


Especially when it comes down to big decisions. I couldn’t rush into anything if I tried. Even going to get my hair done at a salon takes me a lot of thinking before I actually decide to do it, so believe me when I say I’ve been contemplating a blog for quite some time.


I started and stopped this process many a time. Various names, various ideas, none of which were really quite right. It was discouraging at times, I felt like I was either trying too hard to create persona, a voice that wasn’t mine, or like I was just really awkward and like my writing wasn’t worth reading.
What finally tipped my decision and made me take the plunge was my recent diagnosis and struggles with anxiety. It’s something I’ve always struggled with, and that runs in my family, but over the past year it’s become more prevalent. I started looking up ways to cope with it, and spoke to a therapist also. Many people have said that writing in a journal helped them sort out their thoughts. A few others noted that blogging has helped them feel like they weren’t holding as much in.
So, I decided it was time.
I created this blog and started compiling ideas of what I wanted to write about. Life, food, art, style…. things I truly enjoy. I also want to talk about anxiety; not a lot, but enough to help me and others like me work through situations and find ways to cope and care for themselves.
But why “Gift of Gabby”?
I decided to make a play on words with my name because I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. It may be corny and weird, but that’s kind of a pretty accurate description so it fits. The “gift of gab” comes from the Irish legend of the Blarney Stone, where it is believed that kissing the stone will grant you the gift of eloquence and a way with words. It seemed fitting for a blog, where my words are being put out into the world.
I can’t say for sure exactly what is to come with this blog, because I don’t want to restrict myself. All I know is that I am excited to give my words a proper place to reside.

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